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About Misri Playway

Welcome to one of the most renowned and best play school and day care center in Noida. Misri Playway, Play School and Day Care Center is an initiative by Vikalapa education services that has been rendering education services since 2011. The objective of setting up Misri Playway, Play school and Day Care Center is to foster world class education to the kids in a play way method. This is why tagline of our play school is “Learn while play & Play while learn.”
We believe that kids are like raw soils which can be molded into a productive utensil if nurtured, cared, polished and shaped in an effective & efficient manner which can be possible by understanding the needs of the kids & educating them as per their requirements the way potters understand which soils can be used in what manner to make different kinds of utensils.

Every kid is different and methodology to be used to nurture them properly should be also different. Looking into current needs of nurturing kids in a way that can incorporate an overall grooming and development of kids, we have adopted broad & comprehensive techniques that can surely ensure the achievement of the goals for which our play school has been set up. Misri Playway is one of the best play schools and Day Care Center in Noida for taking your kids at the top with 360 round the clock grooming of your kids. numerous activities, multiple indoor games, well qualified and passionate teachers, friendly, splendid and peaceful environment, upgraded and advance study methods, CCTV surveillance, following strategy of learning while playing and playing while learning, regular interaction with the parents to take kids one step ahead, inculcating versatility in kids are some of the priorities we take into consideration.

Misri Playway Play School & Day Care Center, Noida